Fall 2020: 100% Virtual or 100% Unsustainable?

After rolling with the punches during this fall semester transitioning virtually, and now taking 4 classes in the summer online, I noticed one important and terrifying fact coming to be: I’m beginning to disassociate my identity with SDSU. The pandemic has prevented students like me from social gatherings and hosting events on campus; therefore, campus... Continue Reading →

Getting used to the “new tradition” of nontraditional learning

To be honest, I am not a fan of virtual learning. I think it has to do with me missing the routine of walking and/or driving around from one destination to another. It was difficult to remain on task when I was quarantined to an apartment and suggested to leave as little as possible while... Continue Reading →

The “One” Thing I Miss in Quarantine

I don’t believe it’s reasonable to suggest there is a single thing to miss during quarantine because I for one, miss so many. Waving to others as I notice them on campus, the affectionate hugs, the shared meals in the Student Union, and especially rushing to class with classmates before it started, are some of... Continue Reading →

All the…Small Things

“Normal”  There are so many things I miss when it comes to what “normal” life used to be. I am going to be real here, as much as try to avoid unnecessary trips to Target or Trader Joes, I will look for any reason not to be inside. This includes taking Bruno (My car) for... Continue Reading →

Say Their Names!

Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. George Floyd. Alton Sterling. Freddie Gray. Ralph Bell. Michael Brown. LaQuan McDonald. Walter Scott. Trayvon Martin. Sean Reed. Eric Garner. Tamir Rice. Sandra Bland. Philando Castile. Botham Jean. Atatiana Jefferson. Oscar Grant. Nekeya Moody. Alfred Abuka Sanders. Cordale Handy. Phil Quinn. George Mann. Bettie Jones. Tanisha Anderson. Karryn Gaines. India Kager.... Continue Reading →

Our dreams just became harder…

My dreams just became harder, or should I say OUR dreams just became harder for those from the Imperial Valley, located two hours east of the glamorous city of San Diego. The Imperial Valley sits well below sea level, surrounded by vast arid desert and field crops growing anything from alfalfa to lettuce heads during... Continue Reading →

The Difference of Daylight

Editor's note: Guest columnist McKenna Avery, a fourth-year sustainability major, gives us her thoughts on the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent fallout in the form of a poem There’s so much to write about How my colleague’s parents won’t let him leave the home No walks, no backyard, no store, nothing How my friend wasn’t able... Continue Reading →

The New Norm For Commencement

As I watched the "virtual graduation" that took place on YouTube for San Diego State University, I wondered if this would be the new norm for the time being, for the high school seniors graduating and the college seniors graduating set to take on the "real world." We are entering into one of the most... Continue Reading →

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